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Modern Slavery Policy

Last updated: 01/09/23

At SM Rendering, we are committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all our activities and supply chains. This policy outlines our stance and actions to ensure that there is no place for such practices within our organisation.

Our Commitment

We condemn modern slavery in all its forms, including forced labour, child labour, human trafficking, and any form of exploitation. We are dedicated to upholding human rights, treating all individuals with respect and dignity, and ensuring that our business operations do not contribute to or support any form of modern slavery.

Our Actions

  • We ensure that our recruitment processes are fair, transparent, and free from any form of coercion or exploitation.
  • We regularly review our supply chains to identify and address any risks related to modern slavery.
  • We engage with our suppliers to promote ethical practices and compliance with anti-slavery laws.
  • We provide training to our employees to raise awareness about modern slavery and how to report any concerns.
  • We maintain open channels of communication to encourage reporting of any suspicions or incidents related to modern slavery.

Monitoring and Compliance

We conduct regular assessments of our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure their effectiveness in preventing modern slavery. We are committed to complying with all relevant laws and regulations related to modern slavery and human trafficking.

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